My Software

On this page you can download various programs I have written over the years.


The programs provided on this page are free.  Each piece of software is copyrighted and comes with no warranties.  Please use at your own risk.  (Every effort was made to ensure the quality of each application, however.)  If source code is provided, you may modify the program only with my permission; otherwise, I would kindly ask that you not make any changes.


This page was previously the home support site for Uncle Egget Software, which was the name I used to publish some games in the Windows Store.  I've decided that I will no longer be involved in any further development with the store or those particular apps.

These were the six games that were available:

  • Super Pac Munch
  • Screw Thy Neighbor
  • Worms Love Donuts
  • WunderPuck
  • Space Barrage
  • Chopper Attack

There is a possibility that I may re-distribute these games in another format and place them on this page in the near future.  Stay tuned.


Please be aware that you might run into some problems if you try to use some of the programs that I've offered below that were written in FreeBASIC with Windows 10.  On my main Windows 10 machine that is powered by an AMD FX-8350 CPU and a Radeon R9 280X graphics card, it seems as if the programs are "freezing" once you get to the main menu.  Nothing happens when you press any keys, and trying to exit the program by pressing Esc doesn't work either.  Even trying to open up Task Manager to sort out the mess is a pain.  The funny thing is, on my Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi, which is a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet that is also running Windows 10, these problems do not occur.

Your mileage may vary.  I am not sure what is causing these issues, but if I ever find out I will certainly correct the problems if I can and post new versions of the apps here.

(What do you know ... I just upgraded to a new gaming rig with an Intel CPU and Nvidia graphics, and everything seems fine!)


I must inform the OS X community that I have sold my Mac mini, so any program that I offer below that can also be run under OS X will no longer see any future updates or support.

Also, the programs are not distributed as packages.  The ZIP files simply contain folders (or just files) with the actual programs themselves and all the necessary files that go with them.  Just extract the archive and copy everything to your Applications folder if you wish.

Because of this change, I am going to consolidate all of the OS X apps and list them right here in this subsection.

(Each program requires an Intel Mac, preferably OS X 10.7 or newer.  Yosemite was the last version I used.)

Word Search Architect
Screen shot

Simple Text Locator
Screen shot

Starport Defender
Screen shot

Alien Sizzle
Screen shot


A simple but fun card game.  Avoid the lowest card during each round, eliminate your opponents, and win the pot in the end!  This is a free desktop version of the same game that I previously had in the Windows Store.

Version 1.03 for Windows
Screen shot


Remember classics such as Snake, Nibbles, and the underground MS-DOS hit Pizza Worm?  Those are the games where you maneuver yourself around, growing larger, while trying to avoid running into yourself.  In this re-make, you are a worm that grows larger by eating donuts.  Score as many points as possible with your five lives without running into your own body or the outer wall.  Perfect for kids of all ages!  This is a free desktop version of the same game that I previously had in the Windows Store.

Version 1.01 for Windows
Screen shot


This was a game that I had available as a paid app in the Windows Store.  I decided to withdraw it and embed it here on my blog, which you can play in your browser.

Space Barrage is a simple shooter where you pilot a ship much like you do in Asteroids.  The object is to destroy as many enemies as you can before you run out of fuel and laser ammo.

Try different browsers if necessary should things not work correctly (for example, you should always hear music on the title screen unless you've disabled it).

Current version: 1.02

Click HERE to play.


EKG is a simple, even somewhat silly, graphics demo that simulates the rhythm of a heartbeat on an electrocardiograph.  It runs in a continuous loop, and you can even use it as a sort of screensaver if you want.  You can change its behavior in certain ways as the program runs.  Source code has been included.

Version 1.00 for Windows
Screen shot


This is an improved version of my word search puzzle designer that used to be called "Word Jumble."  It has been ported over to a new language and includes a few new features.

Version 2.00 for Windows
Screen shot


This is a simple game written in FreeBASIC, but if you don't mind my saying so I think it's a clever concept and fairly addicting.  All you have to do is climb your way to the top of a series of rungs (like on a ladder, or "tiers") while avoiding the red dots moving back and forth and the left and right walls, which one by one close in on you starting from the bottom and going up.

Version 1.01 incorporates a couple of minor changes.  (Please note the possible issues with Windows 10 that I describe further up the page.)

Screen shot
Version 1.01 for Windows
Source code (separate download, but also included in installation package)

STL (Simple Text Locator)

This is a simple utility that will allow you to search for a specific piece of text in all the files inside a directory or folder.  It's meant to be easy to use without overwhelming the user with a lot of advanced options (however there are a few important parameters you can set).

Version 1.01 incorporates minor fixes for each platform.

Version 1.01 for Windows
Screen shot


My first PowerBASIC project.  This is the game of Shut the Box, where you roll dice and then choose numbers that add up to those dice in an effort to earn points.  Two versions are provided from which you may choose; the first is wrapped up in a typical Windows-style setup/installation wizard, and the second version is just a ZIP archive that contains the executable of the game itself and the BASIC source code.  (The executable is very small and can be run directly without any other files.)

Version 1.10 incorporates several improvements.

Version 1.10 for Windows - Installation wizard
Version 1.10 for Windows - ZIP archive w/ source

Screen shot


A new and improved version of my Whip-It puzzle emulator.  Recently I offered one that was written in Emergence BASIC, but since it seemed to no longer run correctly I ported it to QB64.  In case you don't know, Whip-It was one of the myriad puzzles of the 1980s during the Rubik's Cube craze.  The idea is to rotate and slide the colored tiles and get them to match up in each column.  Requires a mouse.

New in version 1.01 -- game settings are saved between sessions.

Version 1.01 for Windows
Screen shot

Want the source code?  Here it is!

Whip It Good source code


Version 2 is here!

Well actually, version 2 has existed for some time now as an app in the Windows Store.  However, I withdrew it from the marketplace and am now going back to distributing it as a desktop program again.

This is a simple Pac Man derivative.  Instead of a maze, you move around in an open space, and try not to run out of time while avoiding the ghosts.

Version 2.02 for Windows
Screen shot

5 x 5 POKER

This is a simple poker game where you place cards on a grid and try to earn points with the hands you make.  It's actually inspired from an old DOS game I used to play many years ago.  Created with QB64; requires a mouse.

Version 1.10 incorporates a few improvements.

Version 1.10 for Windows
Screen shot

Now available: Source code!

5 x 5 Poker source code


My Connect Four clone has now been updated for the 21st century and is better than ever!  Written in Visual Basic 2012, you can even choose between 32- and 64-bit versions.  (Note: Requires the .NET Framework 4.5 and will not run on anything prior to Windows 7.  .NET 4.5 will be installed if it is not already present.  Extract the archive and run the setup file.  For ages 10 and older; some comments made by the computer can be sarcastic.)

Version 3.00 for Windows (x86)
Version 3.00 for Windows (x64)
Screen shot


This is the first program I've ever written in Pascal, a game called Awari.  You can find the rules for the game on the web or at Wikipedia.

The goal here was to learn about Pascal, not to do anything particularly fancy.  In fact, the program uses the console text screen.  My advice is to increase the font size of the window if you think it's too small.

The source code is included, which you can open with the Lazarus editor.

Version 1.00 for Windows
Screen shot


This is a simple version of the classic game that we've all played with our friends around the basketball net.  You can play against the computer or against other human players, and you can also set the difficulty level.

Version 1.01 for Windows
Screen shot


If you loved "Astrosmash" on the old Intellivision game console of the early 1980s, then you should love this, because it's a clone!  The object of the game is simple: Earth is being bombarded by falling asteroids and various enemies, and you must destroy them all!  Has many features and is a lot of fun.

Version 1.00 for Windows
Screen shot


A trick-taking card game based on Spades (originally called ... ahem ... "Oh S***!").  You must make an accurate bid and then play the best cards.  This is a much-improved Windows version of the same game for MS-DOS that you can find below.

Version 1.02 for Windows
Screen shot


This is a program called GRASS, otherwise known as "The GReat and Adorable Soccer Simulation."  This is a demo written in Game Maker that simulates a soccer game in an arcade, top-down fashion.  Basically all you do is watch.  You are allowed to specify the names of the two teams and the length of the game.

Version 1.00 for Windows
Screen shot


This is a simple game written in FreeBASIC in which you have to navigate mazes.  In fact, trying to see if I could create an algorithm that could generate mazes is how it all got started, and then it grew into this little game.  Not the most perfect algorithm, but it works, and I thought it would be good enough to share.  (Please note the possible issues with Windows 10 that I describe further up the page.)

Version 1.03 for Windows
Screen shot


Here's something pretty unusual, and will probably appeal to you if you are a U2 fan.  Remember ZOO TV?  This is a program that actually simulates it by bombarding you with images and text while playing their music.

Version 1.00 for Windows


A fairly simple space arcade shoot-em-up that starts off slowly and gradually becomes more and more frantic.

Version 1.03 for Windows
Screen shot


A simple space arcade shoot-em-up based on an old Apple ][ game called "Alien Drizzle."

Version 1.13 for Windows
Screen shot


A simple but fun card game.  All players add their cards to a cumulative numeric total, and the object is to avoid crossing the boundaries at 33, 66, and 99.

Version 2.11 for Windows
Screen shot


A breakout type of game.

Version 1.17 is now here ... I've implemented a few improvements that make the game less ... okay, I'll say it ... boring!

Version 1.17 for Windows
Screen shot


A very simple, quick and dirty 2-D racing game.  (Please note the possible issues with Windows 10 that I describe further up the page.)

Version 2.02 for Windows
Screen shot


A simple but fun number guessing game with a twist -- you and the PC actually ask questions to each other.

Version 1.06 for Windows
Screen shot


A console program that solves a type of puzzle known as a "magic box."

Version 1.01 for Windows


These are all MS-DOS applications (you can try running them in DOSBox).  Use the link below the descriptions to download them all at once (it's a ZIP full of ZIPs!).

Super Upwards 1.38.  The game of Upwords.
Naval Engagement 1.08.  Battleship game.
Deluxe Mastermind 1.7b.  Self-explanatory, don't you think?
Ninety-Nine (99) 1.23.  The card game of 99 (similar to the one above).
Oh Shit! 1.15.  A bidding card game (similar to Spades).
Oh Rats! 1.15.  Same bidding game, cleaner name.
Whip-It 1.01.  Whip-It puzzle emulator.



Linbow, a simple graphics demo that combines two demos that were offered here previously.  Written in FreeBASIC (source included).  Requires 1024 x 768 screen resolution.  (Please note the possible issues with Windows 10 that I describe further up the page.)

Version 1.00 for Windows

Pixel Pusher, a simple graphics demo (executable is for Windows, but BASIC source code is included).

Version 1.00 (QB64)

Super Squares, a simple graphics demo (executable is for Windows, but BASIC source code is included).

Version 1.02 (QB64)

Spectrum, a simple graphics demo (executable is for Windows, but BASIC source code is included).

Version 1.02 (QB64)

Logical Statement Analyzer, a program that evaluates logical statements consisting of a set of specific symbols.  Source code for both FreeBASIC and QB64.


Typing Speed Calculator, a program that determines how fast you type.  Source code for both FreeBASIC and QB64.


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